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Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Ghaws is currently studying at American University Afghanistan and is the co-founder of Ayelin Initiative. After knowing the effects of Air Pollution on Children and Adults alike, Mr Ghaws decided to raise awareness about the level of pollution in the city of Kabul and to take this initiative nationwide as well.


Because of lack of support from the government and other agencies, he has partnered up with other Afghans to run this initiative out of their own cost. He believes that if we don't take action now, this could turn into the next big epidemic that won't be fixed by throwing money at it.


Co-Founder &

Director of Communications

Mustafa Elmi is currently employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. He has joined this campaign to approach individuals and organizations whom he has gotten to know through his work and to ask for their support in promoting this initiative.


The support comes in all forms and shape. From donating funds to buy equipment to sharing our initiative on social media and other platforms. That people could be aware of the problem that is being faced by the people of Afghanistan. Mr Elmi uses his spare time to find new ways of finding support locally and internationally.   


Co-Founder &

Director of Strategy

Muzammil Farooq is a partner at Alliance Advisory and Consultancy, a London based consultancy firm. Mr. Farooq joined this initiative to provide all the technical support that is required to make this initiative successful. 

His help has been critical in identifying significant problems in the rise of Air Pollution in Afghanistan. Moreover, to recommend actions to lower the impact of air pollution on the general public.

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