The second stage of the awareness campaign would require media coverage on air pollution, its effects on public health and the availability of technology for accurately monitoring the air quality metrics. The campaign will start from Kabul, which is the most polluted and populated city in Afghanistan. 


As part of our media coverage, we intend to produce a short video which would be aired on different tv channels in Afghanistan. The video would provide a summary of the following critical issues regarding air pollution in Afghanistan; 

  • The current state of air quality in Afghanistan 

  • Causes of air pollution 

  • The current condition of pollution-related patients in hospitals

  • How to locate the air quality monitor near your area 

  • What to do to reduce the level of pollution. 

The video would also recommend people use other methods such as the use of air purifiers in offices and their residences. People who will watch these videos on TV will also be asked to share the information with others with no access to TV. Also, the video will give out the necessary information about the Ayelin Initiative, such as contact details and website address. Through which they would have more information on air pollution levels and advice on how to reduce the level of air pollution. The video and website will also educate people on how to thermally insulate their residences effectively, reducing the heat dissipation, and avoid using a high polluting heat source.


This campaign will shift through different mediums such as radio and banners, but it will mainly collaborate with the Ministry of Health of Afghanistan to raise this level of awareness all over the country.


Our expectation from this campaign is to encourage the general public in taking steps and following best practices which will not only help them but the future generation in the country.

Finally, we hope that we can make Afghanistan join the 'UN Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)' and subsequently help take a substantial step towards the reduction of air pollution countrywide.

Downloads & Videos

A documentary on the effects of Air Pollution, its cause and effects. 

A design manual for the construction of improved brick kilns in Nepal which could be implemented in Afghanistan

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