Our goal is to be able to install Air Quality Monitors at different location across various cities. These monitors require a power source and a WiFi connection. The data from these monitors could be viewed live, web-based or through an app (Air Visual only) which could be installed on iOS and Android devices. Currently, we are considering Air Quality Monitors from technically and commercially feasible and renowned suppliers.

These monitors will be installed mostly in government locations and private businesses. The air quality monitor units cost around $260 – $280 each, and the installation cost would be approx. $50 per unit. The installation of these devices would enable the general public to access air quality metrics, increasing general public awareness readily. The units would take a couple of days to start transmitting data and would feed live updates to the website and the app. The systems are fully automated and require minimum maintenance.

Once we have installed enough air quality monitors in Kabul, we will start installation in other major cities of Afghanistan. Cities such as Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad, and other cities where the risk or Air pollution diseases are high.

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